HISTORY THEMES for KS 1 Lower Elementary

History Themes for KS 1 / Elementary includes power point slides and worksheets to cover the topic objectives.


TOYS through TIME


Marco Polo and Neil Armstrong – a comparison of the life and times of two explorers

Marco Polo and Neil Armstrong Age 5 to 7 Theme

Topic/Theme for young learners on Marco Polo and Neil Armstrong

A teaching pack consisting of three PowerPoint presentations and three worksheets sets (20 pages):

Marco Polo

Neil Armstrong

Comparison between Marco Polo and Neil Armstrong

Useful to fulfill the following objectives:

* knowing where people and events fit within a chronological framework

* identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods

* understand some of the ways in which we find out about the past

* using Marco Polo and Neil Armstrong as significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements, students compare aspects of life the two different periods and make links with their own lives.

Florence Nightingale – her life and achievements

Florence Nightingale Content page

Topic/Theme for young learners on Florence Nightingale – a remarkable heroine whose work underpins much of what is important in medical facilities today. This unit provides important links between past and present. The PowerPoint encourages interaction, thinking and discussion amongst the students. They are able to express their views and also make links between life in the time of Florence Nightingale and their own lives today.

The History of the Wheel

The History of the Wheel content page

Topic/Theme on the History of the Wheel. Students love this theme and it is a topic they can all relate to as it is something that they find in everyday life. It is therefore easy to make links with the past in line with the History curriculum objectives.

The PowerPoint presentation makes these links clearly and there is room for discussion to ensure that the students differentiate between past and present.