Literacy Lower Elementary / KS1


Beginner comprehension activities

A beginner comprehension packet containing:

Colour word matching – 3 pages
Number word matching – 7 pages
CVC sentence-draw – 5 sets
6 x Tick the picture comprehensions
Paragraph drawing – 6 pages
6 x Choose the answer comprehensions
6 x Sentence starter comprehensions

Story and activities

Bumps at Bedtime

This is an original story with activities, comprehension and writing tasks. A good series of lessons for Book Week, Halloween, Life Skills or just a fun topic for Literacy one week.

It is intended to be used for a series of lessons and not a single lesson. Objectives include comprehension, prediction, story writing, vocabulary building (synonyms), using descriptive words and developing cognitive empathy. Activities include drawing, answering questions, a crossword, writing a story and identifying feelings.

Literacy - creating a character

Literacy Lower Elementary / KS1

Contents – activities for Literacy

Draw a character from a description

Lesson on creating characters

Draw your own character

Describing your character to a partner

Comparing responses to descriptions

Using planning flaps to plan a story

Writing a Story

These can be read to peers or younger children.

PHONICS “ee” AND “oo”

ee words PowerPoint

Two power point presentations for oo sounds: (long and short): pictures are on the screen, words fly in.

Power point for ee sound: pictures and words are on screen. Children can write the word on the smartboard or drag the word to the picture.

Two worksheet sets (about 14 pages altogether). Focus on word building, sentence completion vocabulary and comprehension.

ee words PowerPoint
PowerPoint sample page
Worksheet sample oo sound
worksheet sample page
Worksheet ee sound
worksheet sample page
initial sound vocab

Vocabulary pages for a, s, l, i, t